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Video: Millennials are looking for stability

Deloitte's study shows that, in the face of a turbulent scenario, young professionals are less likely to change jobs.

April-June | 2017

Amid an uncertain political, economic and social scenario throughout the world – punctuated by recent global movements such as terrorist attacks in Europe, Brexit and protectionist measures in the United States, young professionals, known as millennials, are more concerned about their future prospects.

This is what shows the sixth edition of the annual report “Millennial Survey”, conducted by Deloitte. In the 2017 edition of the survey, 38% of millennials surveyed indicated wanting to leave their job in up to two years. In the previous year, 44% of study participants expressed this desire.

Brazil’s sample, as well as other emerging countries, presented in the survey a higher level of optimism than developed countries, despite the economic crisis, which has heavily impacted this generation in recent years. If, on the global average, 45% of millennials said they expect an economic improvement, in Brazil, 72% of young people interviewed have this expectation.

Renata Muramoto, partner who leads the Talent area in Brazil, presents the highlights of the “The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey”

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